Monday, August 2, 2010

Pain, Pain Go Away

Sorry about no posts for a few was a very busy and stressful weekend. And now I am in pain. Although really that is nothing new. This pregnancy has been fairly easy. As I am sure many other moms will attest to, you don't really have time to notice all your pregnancy ailments during your second pregnancy, especially if your first child is still under two.

I mean, I did notice my morning sickness this time around. It came with a vengeance. In fact, that is how I knew I was pregnant. It started about two weeks after I got pregnant and started to taper off around 12 weeks. Last time it lasted around 5 months and was just as bad. Only difference was, if I was feeling particularly bad, I could just lay in bed and sleep until I felt better. Not so much this time. It basically went, vomit while my other baby hangs on the back of my legs and then get up and feed her breakfast. There was just no time to indulge myself.

The thing that has been really paining me since my second trimester is pubic bone pain. It seems to be a pretty rare condition and it certainly is not covered in "What to Expect When You Are Expecting." The clinical name for this condition is Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction. What happens is my pregnant body over secretes the pregnancy hormone Relaxin that helps loosen my pelvis in preparation for delivery. The result is loose ligaments basically throwing my pelvis out of joint, with nothing that can be done to bring it back into alignment.

What causes me to be in pain? Pretty much anything. Laying in bed for a long period of time, sitting for a long period of time, walking for a long period of time, bending down, turning over in bed, separating my legs, even putting a pair of pants on. After speaking with my doctors several times about this, they basically have said that there is nothing that can be done. I have begged them to give me any sort of pain reliever because the several daily doses of Tylenol I am taking at this point are just not cutting it. Nope, they say, nothing will help. I secretly think they are sadists (not really, I just hurt).

Last night, I really couldn't sleep. When you have SPD sleeping is the most uncomfortable time. The pressure of your legs on top of one another really puts strain on your pelvis. So I wedge a pillow between my legs and pray for relief. We went to the racetrack yesterday with my family where we sat in very flat uncomfortable chairs, then sat at a restaurant with uncomfortable chairs, followed by a long car ride home. This left me in so much pain that I literally cried myself to sleep. Or what can best be described as sleep. It basically meant nodding off for 20 minutes because I was so exhausted followed by searing pain and desperately trying to find a comfortable position for about an hour. Not so much fun.

I'm not trying to complain. I know that pregnancy is not meant to be a comfortable time. Its just I have never experienced a pain like this and certainly not one that really never is relieved ever. I'm just tired and I can't wait for this baby to be born. If only to be able to walk again.

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  1. :( That sucks! I hope you're hanging in there!