Monday, August 30, 2010

The Anticipation is Probably Going to Kill Me

With my c-section being scheduled for this Friday, I honestly have no idea what I am going to do with myself this week. This past week I was nesting hardcore and got the majority of my house organized, going through every closet, drawer, ect. until I knew where everything was. I also got a lot of freezer meals made and cookies baked for everyone who is going to be visiting us when the baby gets here. I have done every scrap of laundry in my house. I really don't know what to do right now. My brain hurts and I feel so incredibly anxious.
I can't go anywhere because I don't have a car this week. I can't go to the pool because it is closed during the day with the kids being back in school. Maybe I will just straighten and straighten and straighten some more. Or maybe I will spend the week entering every giveaway possible that I normally don't have time to enter. I just feel so guilty doing nothing but maybe I will just hang out and watch some movies with Peanut. All I know is this anxiety is going to kill me. I am not a patient person in any way, shape, or form so having to wait for the birth of my child really hard.


  1. It is really hard w/ a scheduled c-section b/c you know exactly when it is going to happen. That was hard for me! It wasn't the mystery of "...any day now" it was "t-minus 120 hours and counting"! That is difficult. But maybe just spend these last days giving peanut some last time one-on-one attention b/c she won't be getting it for a long time! Maybe doing something special! My gf just had a baby and she and her older one (only 22 months) made big sister stuff w/ supplies they bought from Michaels, t-shirts, a hat, a shirt for baby w/ just some iron on or buble paint etc. and then they colored big signs for when the baby got home "welcome" so her hubby could hang them around the house when she was in the hospital. Just a couple ideas to keep you busy. Although I'm sure you would do most of the work, it still would be cute and time consuming!

  2. Find some good books and magazines. You'll never have time to read once the little one is hear. Congratulations!