Saturday, August 7, 2010

Does Anyone Actually Win One of These Things?

I am putting it out there...I want to win a giveaway!!! I feel like I have entered every giveaway imaginable in the past two months with nothing. I am not asking for much. It doesn't even have to be a big giveaway. But it would be nice to win SOMETHING. I think I am just bitter. My luck outside of bloggy world has not been so great as of late so I feel like maybe Karma owes me. I know that certainly is not how the world works but it still would be nice to win. I have a baby coming in 3 weeks. Come on people. I really am convinced that no one actually wins anything. #345 Carlasmommy said "I like the one with the green stripes" is made up, right? You are just keeping the giveaway prize and giving it to your sister, right? I know you aren't really. That would violate our blogger code of ethics. Maybe doesn't like me. That could be it. I don't know. I give up. Can't a girl just get some free swag already? Ok...that's my rant for the day. Sorry. I'm cranky and humungously pregnant.


  1. Oh I remember the hormones. You know what I won---The #1 spot on Blog Hop Friday.....I am already a host for that so I am normally #3 or #4 anyway. :) My first win from the Mission Monkey Donation I made.

    Now I did win a Patriotic Pillow Pet which my boys can't wait to get last week. I was so excited to win it!!! I know I make a few mother's bracelets a week for winners....they are out there. I will cross my fingers you are next:)

  2. Good for you Sonya!!! You give out a lot too so karma is working overtime for you. I'm just bitter with life in general right now.

  3. Poor thing. I remember, the last month of being pregnant is a pain in the butt! Plus, it's summer too. Ugh! When you least expect it you'll win something. At least that's how it happens for me. ;o) Good Luck!

  4. I won 3 things already, but 2 of them are books that I will have no time to read. I spent a whole day trying for giveaways and that's what happened! It takes a lot of time to do it, and it's a pain in the butt b/c my computer is slow, and the other thing I won was CRAP!! But it did come, they actually do come!

  5. I haven't won anything either! What's that old adage "Good things come to those who wait"? I'm sure good things are just around the corner for you.

    I've left a little something for you over at my blog

  6. I just sent you an email....

  7. hey Jackie.

    totally know how you feel.

    forget giveaways you can;t win. How about i send you a Lullaby music cd for your upcoming baby. TOTALLY FREE of charge, no strings.

    drop me an e mail at: sales [at], and i'll take care of the rest.

    its not a big giveaway, but it's something, and you can actually use it for your baby for a long time to come.