Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Do I Have to Do to Get People to Enter My Giveaways?

I was just wondering what I have to do to get more people to enter my giveaways. It seems like both times I have done a giveaway I have had to beg people to enter and I am just wondering if there was something I should be doing to get more people to enter. I really want to continue to do giveaways but it is discouraging when very few people enter. I know most people look for the "big ticket" giveaway items but I feel like my giveaways are very easy to enter, especially if you already follow me. I was still hoping to do a giveaway for a Baby K'tan Baby Carrier after my new baby is born but I don't even know if that is something people would want. I need some feedback here. If it just is that you haven't had time to enter any giveaways I certainly understand as I don't really have time either. If you have time, enter HERE now. I am doing this to help out a friend who is just starting her "mommy business" out and I would love it if you readers would check her out. Thanks so much!!!!


  1. You know I have had 3 giveaways and the first and third one didn't have any comments. The second one someone won and then never responded to my e-mails. I always wonder as well "what am I doing wrong?" So if figure out the answer please share it with me too.

  2. Do you have a facebook page linked to your blog? I do and I put on my page everyday about my giveaway and it really helped. Good Luck!

  3. Jackie - There are so many giveaways out there online and I will tell you what keeps me from entering:

    I like to enter where everyone gets only one submission. It doesn't keep me from entering when there are umteen ways to win but it is very time consuming that way. I usually just enter once and call it good.

    Often, I forget if I have entered or not and don't want to spend the time searching comments to find out.

    I think as time goes by more and more and more will enter... just takes time to build your clientele... do you facebook and twitter?

  4. Thanks guys...I am going to start a facebook page for the blog pretty soon so hopefully that will help. Thanks to those of you who entered.

  5. Hi There, I am you newest follower.

    I have a giveaway linky list on my blog Frugality Is Free, you should check it out for places to list your giveaways.

    The Giveaway Linky Collection @ Frugality Is Free

    I would love it, if you would come visit me at Storytime Under the Stars.

  6. I just found your blog! I love giveaways. I'm going to follow you and I'm excited to enter your future contests!

    Check out my blog too! (I've only just started it so I'm still a newbie as you will be able to tell from the page lol but it's getting there)