Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No Air Conditioning is No Fun

All day Sunday our entire family (my mom, dad, brother, his fiance, sister, her boyfriend, my hubby, Peanut, and myself) went up to the Wisconsin State Fair. It is a tradition for us to go every year and I have been going since I was born. I went when I was pregnant with Peanut, last year when she was under a year, and I was determined to go this year, 36 weeks pregnant and all. It is so much fun, eating all the food, looking at all the exhibits, seeing all the animals, watching bands, taking Peanut on pony rides, and watching her daddy take her on the giant slide (twice, she begged).
It really is a physical challenge to do the whole fair pregnant. For one thing, it was SUPER hot on Sunday and very humid. Secondly, there is quiet a bit of walking to do which gets to be a lot pregnant or not. And it is a very long day...we got up at 4am and didn't get to bed until midnight. When we finally got in the car to go home we were exhausted.
Before we left in the morning, I turned the A/C up to 78 degrees so we weren't wasting electricity while we were gone all day. When we got home I turned it back down (way down) and we went to bed. It was hot when we went to bed but I figured it would cool down eventually. All through the night I was sweating and tossing and turning, but I thought it was just me since I am hot all the time these days. I accidentally left the alarm on my phone on for 4am and when it went off, it woke Peanut up. So she got up and ran into our room and I sent my hubby downstairs to see what was going on with the air conditioning. He was downstairs for like 30 minutes fiddling, running up and down from the basement and finally came back up with the verdict. Something was wrong with the air.
We slept a little longer (not well at all) and got up. It was PAINFULLY hot in the house as it was 90 on Monday with 80% humidity or so. My husband took his shower, I quickly took mine and threw Peanut in with me since we were all drenched in sweat, and we all got dressed, sweating the whole time. He dropped me and Peanut off at my parent's house for the day so we could cool off.
My hubby called some a/c guys to come out but they couldn't come out till today. When we got home last night, we set up the air mattress, the baby mattress, and put a sheet on the couch in the living room because it was about 15 degrees cooler downstairs than it was upstairs. I put some wet washcloths in the freezer, turned the ceiling fan on high, and we settled in to sleep.
Sleep we did not. Poor Peanut kept waking up all night drenched in sweat and my hubby put her in the air mattress with him (I needed the firmer couch for my back). I could not fall asleep to save my life and kept sitting up and nodding off. I was covered head to toe in sweat and kept putting the cold washcloths on my head. I even got up a few times to stick my head in the freezer. Needless to say, all of us got very little sleep and it was one of the most miserable nights of my life.
Don't get me wrong, I am not a spoiled girl. I didn't have air conditioning in my apartment in college and I did fine. I know that A/C is a luxury and I should be grateful that I have it. But when you are 9 months pregnant and used to it, it is quite a shock to the system. Plus, this summer has been especially hot and humid. And to put it in perspective, when my husband got up in the middle of the night, the thermostat said it was 89 degrees in our room. That sucked.
Finally, the repairman came today and had to replace the blower and the belt but by 1pm I had air again. It felt like heaven. I could move again. I could finally get my house straightened from the weekend because it was too hot to do anything. I could cook in my kitchen. Thank the lord!!!

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