Thursday, July 29, 2010

Couponer In Training

I came across a really great blog, Couponing to Disney, a few weeks ago and it has really inspired me to start couponing more diligently. I have been a coupon user for a few years but really more of an amateur. I would use a coupon here and there. I wouldn't clip from the Sunday paper, just basically use the ones that I stumbled across. So in my never ending quest to become a better wife, I have decided to try and coupon as much as possible. I am not couponing for a trip to Disney or anything in particular, but if my husband works so hard so that I may stay home, I can at least try and save us some money.

This past Sunday I bought the paper and I had my mom save her coupon insert. I also check couponing to Disney every day because Kristin, the author, posts all sorts of deals and printable coupons. I bought a couple of small, purse-sized accordion folders to organize and I got started. In this first week, there are a few things that I have learned.

1. If there is a product that you really need and you are brand loyal too, check out their website. Most will offer some sort of coupon for signing up with their email newsletter. I personally have two email accounts and I use the one I don't use as much for this purpose. I got coupons for nestle chocolate chips and biore face wash this way.

2. If you really like a product, tell the company. I wrote a nice email to Hawaiian Tropic about the lotion I wrote a blog post about and they are now sending me some coupons.

3. Check the packaging of your products for coupons. I found a deal on the Hillshire Farms lunch meat container for $5 in coupons for telling them that their meat tastes good.

4. Keep your coupons with you when you go to the store, even if you don't plan on using them. I was planning on getting a specific lotion today but the store didn't have it. I did have a $3 off coupon for another lotion with me and ended up getting a better deal.

5. Sometimes coupons aren't really worth it. I have discovered that a lot of times, simply getting the generic version of a product as opposed to the one that comes with the coupon is cheaper. I always buy generic whenever possible and I want to get whatever product is cheaper.

6. Check your junk mail. I just looked in the ad for Meijer and saw they have all sorts of products this week for $10/11. This includes Coca-Cola 2 liters, toothpaste, deodorant, kids shampoo, and all sorts of food products. This might be a time where it is worth it to stock up.

7. I need someone to be my tutor for using Extra Care Bucks and coupons at CVS. They seem like they have some great deals I think you need your doctorate to figure it all out.

I don't really know how successful I was this week. I tried to find coupons for everything I needed but sometimes they weren't worth it. My goal is to be like one of those amazing women who can get $200 worth of stuff for like $10. Any of you fellow bloggers one of those women??? Any tips you can give me would be appreciated.

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  1. I am one of those women! Hopefully I can help you on this journey as well.