Thursday, July 8, 2010

Great Weekend, Not so Great Week

Well after the great long weekend we had, we have not had so great of a week here. Tuesday morning my little Peanut woke up and was laying with me in my bed watching a movie. She was drifting off to sleep (weird for her so early in the morning) when she sat up and proceeded to vomit all over herself, me, the dog, my bed, everywhere. I quickly snatched her up and threw her in the bath to wash her off. I just felt so bad for her as she hasn't thrown up like that since she was a baby. I cleaned her off, put her in new pajamas, stripped my sheets, wiped the dog off, and laid her on my bed to sleep.
At this point she was running a fever but I didn't want to wake her up to take her temperature or give her any Tylenol so I just let her sleep. She slept on my bed for about an hour and when she woke up I gave her a little white grape juice to drink and a little Tylenol to try and get her fever down. Not five minutes late, the juice and the Tylenol came back up all over me again.
I took her temperature and it was 103 so I called the doctor's office and they said to come in. I was covered in vomit so I put her in her bed to lay down and I quickly jumped into the shower to clean off. While I was in the shower I heard her crying so I hurried up and got out. When I went into her room she was vomiting in her bed. I called my husband and desperately asked him to come home to help me clean up all the linens and the dog and help me take her to the doctor (keep in mind I am 31 weeks pregnant).
He came home, I got her cleaned up again, and we rushed into the car to get her to the doctor. I brought a bucket with me and sat in the back with her and I am glad that I did because as soon as we started going she started puking again.
She saw the doctor and the doctor said she had a stomach virus and just to push fluids and slowly introduce crackers if she was hungry. We went home and started to deal with the mess while she slept. From this point until now she has not vomited which was a good thing. But for the first night, she slept in our bed, waking up every couple of hours crying, burning up with her fever.
Yesterday she slept a good portion of the day but she would not let me leave her side. Again last night she slept in my bed while my poor hubby slept in her bed. I did not get much sleep because I kept waking up to check on her. This morning I woke up feeling terrible. My body hurts, my head hurts, I am nauseous, and exhausted. Peanut is feeling much better with no fever and her appetite completely back, thank goodness. My wonderful mother took her for part of the day today so I could get a little break to sleep but my hubby is working at night tonight so we will have to see how it goes later. Let's hope I feel better and that my husband does not get sick. OK, my head hurts now. I guess I will go lay down until Peanut comes home.

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