Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Should I Join Facebook or Twitter?

I am wondering if I should start a facebook page or a twitter account for Mommy's Margaritas. I have a personal page for myself but I like to keep that separate from my blogging world for the most part. I would really like to grow my blog but it seems like it takes enough time already to keep up with it without having to manage a facebook page or twitter account. On the other hand, I would really like to do more reviews and giveaways and this might be a way for me to get my blog's name out there. For those of you who are on facebook and twitter with your blogs, does it require much more time out of you to maintain? Is it a good thing or overexposure? I need some advice.


  1. As a blog follower, I like Twitter better since it's easier to glance at all the short messages. Facebook gets too crowded. You get pages ans pages to read. I really like the email option. HTH :))

  2. Thanks Josee. I still don't know what to do. I have to find the time to do something.