Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My House Smells Like Poo

No it is not a figure of speech. Oh sure, my house is dirty right now. In fact, at times, it looks like a house from "Hoarders." But it doesn't just smell. It smells poo. With two kids under two pooping like it is their jobs and two dogs that have decided that since the new baby has been born that they would no longer like to be house trained, my house literally smells like feces. I have two diaper genies that seem to be full at all times and then all the garbage cans in our house are full of poopy diapers. I think it may be time to potty train my oldest, if only to save my home from becoming a fertilizer factory. Any one want to send me a housekeeper?


  1. hey when you find that housekeeper send her my way when she is done...

  2. Our cats are resenting Emerson's arrival too. We unfortunately have to give them back to where we adopted them from. They poop all over the house, and since E puts everything in his mouth, this is a problem. Very sad. Let me know how the potty training goes.