Tuesday, October 26, 2010

High School Reunion

This past Saturday my husband had his 10 year high school reunion. I graduated from the same high school as him a year later and we were dating in high school so it was like a reunion for me as well. What a fun and surreal experience!!! First of all, it was my first time out and drinking since I had the baby so it has been almost a year since I have had more than one drink at a time. Then to see all these people I hadn't seen since high school (some of whom since college) was really interesting. In the days of facebook I know what is going on in many people's lives since high school so catching up wasn't really that hard. Plus, being a 10 year reunion, everyone pretty much looked the same, just a little puffier. It was great to catch up with people but I felt like I couldn't really get the full story on anyone since I was trying to chat with every one a little bit. We ended up having a great time (maybe a little bit too much of a good time) and the next day we were hurting. It was worth it in the end and now I can't wait until my reunion next year.

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  1. LOL, glad (and sorry!) to see that I wasn't the only one hurting a little on Sunday! It was so great to see you- hope you had a great night away from the girls!