Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mommy Needs a Movie Night

I really need a movie night. There are so many movies that are coming out or that are out right now that I want to see, first and foremost, "The Social Network." I absolutely love Aaron Sorkin from his days writing on "The West Wing." I recently watched all the seasons again on netflix and I just love his style of writing. He is also kind of crazy which I love. For example, I saw him on "The View" last week and he said he takes 7-8 showers a day. That is crazy and awesome all at the same time. I also love David Fincher from "Seven" and "Fight Club." Jesse Eisenberg was awesome in "Zombieland" and of course Justin Timberlake can do no wrong in my eyes. Has anyone seen "The Social Network?" Was it good? My husband and I really want to see it but with the new baby and him working weekend nights I just don't know when we will be able to go see it. I also want to see Wall Street, Case 29, and Let Me In, but I am sure those will have to wait until I can get them on Netflix.

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  1. I know they're not playing anything you mentioned (fairly kid-friendly movies, and you'd probably take kids with you), but Kendall 10 in Oswego's showing free movies on Sat/Sun mornings. http://www.gqti.com/freematinee.aspx