Friday, June 25, 2010

How to Terrify Your Daughter Without Really Trying

So last night when we put Peanut to bed we realized that Cash, one of our dogs, was still laying in her bed. We decided, for fear of waking her up, that we would let him sleep in her bed. After all, what was the worst that could happen? She loves snuggling with him during the day and now is so proud that she can even say his name. So we went to bed 2am awoke to the sounds of our daughter screaming. You see, when you are a two year old who is not used to a dog sleeping in your bed, it may terrify you when what you believe is one of your stuffed animals starts to move. And, seeing as Cash is all black, it may terrify you even more when a black figure mysteriously moves around in your bed. So as my wonderful husband leaped out of bed to see what was the matter, Peanut was running toward him from her room. He put her back into bed, put Cash in our bed, and all was calm again. Oh well, lesson learned. Do not allow dog to sleep in a two year-old's bed. Got to add that one to my list.

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