Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cosley Zoo: A great Place to Take the Kids

As a mom of an almost two-year old, I am constantly looking for activities that keep Peanut entertained, are fun, and affordable (preferably free). If you live in the Western Chicago suburbs, The Cosley Zoo in Wheaton is a great place to take the young ones. The price is right: its free for everyone for now (although starting July 15th it will be $3 per adult, free for kids still). I think the admission price is still worth it.
This "zoo" is not a zoo in the traditional sense of the word. You will not find zebras and giraffes here. What they do have are ducks, horses, cows, goats, pigs, llamas, coyotes, deer, foxes, raccoons, rabbits, and various birds. Peanut loves this. Not only does she know how to say the name of most of these animals, but she also loves that she can get up close and personal with them.
The atmosphere of the zoo is also very beautiful. It is a small park, but it very well maintained. The greenery is very pretty, with plenty of shady areas to sit. They also have a snack bar with a full menu and a picnic area for those who want to bring their lunches in.
What I really love about the zoo is you do not have to plan your whole day around going here. It is large enough to keep your children entertained, but small enough that the whole visit takes only as long as you want it to. We went yesterday and spent about 2 hours leisurely walking our way through. And with the low admission price, you don't feel guilty only spending a short amount of time here.
We really love going here and I would recommend the Cosley Zoo to anyone with young children. It is really a great place to spend the day.

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  1. I love taking my kids to the zoo... but with two little ones it's hard to corral them myself! Sounds like a great zoo.

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